Our management Team of consultants and facilitators brings together people that have vast experiences and qualifications to meet and overtake the highest standard of training and consultancy in Africa.


Kabaso Sydney is a Managing Consultant of Kabsy Consultancy Services. He is an Evangelist and Preacher who addresses critical issues affecting the full range of human, social and spiritual development. The central theme of his message is critical self awareness of one potential in life.

New kabaso profile

Through his work as a consultant, he travels extensively around the World as a conference speaker and facilitator. He is a man sought after by business men & women, students and institutions in that he displays his dynamic skills in academics, development, business and leadership with insight of specialized knowledge and understanding.

Contact Him at :

Mobile: +260 -966717712 or +260 -974376553



Elizabeth Walston McElrath

Mrs. Elizabeth Walston is the Area Manager for Kabsy Consultancy Services United States of America currently chief advisor of Kabsy Consultancy Services. She lives in  Foty Payne  Alabama with her husband. She is a graduate of University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and currently hold a Master Degree in Social Work.

Mobile Contact : +1 256-697-4027



Deb Delaney

Deb Delaney is Area Manager for Kabsy Consultancy Services Australia region and the Administrative Manager of Kabsy Consultancy Services. Deb currently lives in Brisbane Australia. She has wide experience in Office Administration and business management. She is also involved in Humanitarian works in Africa where she runs numerous social welfare and education programmes.

Mobile Contact : +61 450 255 9


                                                                         SOUTH AFRICA

joy wolf

South Africa – Manager Joy Wolf 




Thabo James- Lesotho Manager 




Manager- Zimbambwe – Evangelist Kadzere Ruvimbo




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